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Company introduction:

Company K.T.Z., inc s.r.o. was founded March 21, 1991 as per commercial record, in county registry in Ceske Budejovice, division C, enclosure 84.
Main object of our commercial activity is manufacturing of plastic parts for wide spectrum of uses for :
a), food industry- covers for jars, preserve cans, boxes for salads
b), agriculture – isolation barriers for breeders, calf drinkers and other accessories
c), Trades – accessories for carpenters, heating repair men, tile setters
d), construction – concrete ( accessories for manufacture of concrete panels )
This company during its existence enjoyed steady growth and today is well established without large fluctuations in sales. We have an established network of dependable customers in domestic market as well as customers in Austria, Hungary and lately also in Poland.
Since 2006 our company established certification system as per ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and we are audited each year.
Currently we employ 9 workers ( 6 women and 3 men ) in two shifts. Our benefits include standard employer package as far as work aids, hygiene and food. Our morale and happiness in employer - employee relationship is exellent.
Our company fulfills in all aspects its obligations towards institutions such as – Fin.Office, OSSZ, VZP, Labor department and all local and state office oversite. Our company has a family character but its reach ( as mentioned above ) extends all over Europe.